The Simple Things

The Simple Things Issue 139 January

New year is a good time to look back and enjoy the journey to where you are now; we’re encouraged to make plans but the key is being rather than doing, ideally in the comfort your own favourite nook. Warming food and drink, a book to curl up with and some time to enjoy it, with a foray outdoors when the weather is encouraging, satisfy most of our basic needs in January. This winter retreat, where you can pretend that the outside world doesn’t exist, is known as a ‘hibernacle’. The year to come can wait a little while longer…

NOOK – Cosy books to curl up with. Marmalade sandwich pudding. Wearing pyjamas
Modern Wassailing. Furniture rehab & houseplant rescue. A feeling for sauna.
Spice-baked cauliflower. A spot on the sofa. Pioneers in the peaks. How to make fire with ice. Midwinter citrus curd. Tarns, hares & tideline treasures.

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