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The Simple Things Issue 140 February

 TENDER – Fondue with friends. Sunny outings & starling skies. The value of fallow. How to soothe your soul. Why we love lockets. DIY draught stoppers. Botanical tableaux. Chirp appeal in the garden. Pistachio brittle & ginger cream. The history of hearty breakfasts. Here be dragons.February isn’t always the easiest to love. It can feel like a period to endure before the business of spring begins. But really, why rush things? We can let ourselves go slowly, gently. We can choose food that nourishes, treat our bodies to balms that soothe, try to think about ourselves a bit more kindly – and extend that care and attention to others. In this short month there are plenty of occasions to mark; Shrove Tuesday, Lunar New Year and, of course, Valentine’s Day – a chance to embrace a message of love if we can look beyond the clichés.

We can introduce our own rituals, too, whether that’s gathering people around a fondue pot, or changing up corners of our home with the seasons. Like skaters on the frozen fens, who patiently wait for the conditions to be just right, it’s about taking precious moments where we can: noticing those bright blue winter skies or the roots and shoots that are beginning to emerge. While still tender and in need of a bit of care, they’re full of promise for the year to come. We should think of ourselves the same way.

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