The Simple Things

The Simple Things Issue 141 March

BRIGHT – Swapping plants and sharing cakes. New hobbies & spring days out. Cherry blossom origami. Pioneer potters. Easter egg cheesecakes. Life lessons from nature. Pink dishes for grey days. Bring in an Osterbaum. Making and mending. Butterbean mash. Paint from the earth. Why we love an ankle boot. Toad crossings, tapestries & citrus trees.The month of March can feel like the true start of the year, as nature resurfaces and our mood, food and clothes lighten along with the days. With it comes the urge for busyness – to make and mend, plant and paint, tidy and trim – fertile ground then for the cultivation of a new hobby or pastime. During our winter dormancy, bright ideas will have taken root, now it’s time to dabble, experiment and help things happen. Maybe you’ve always wanted a lemon tree, love the intricacy of origami, wondered how to create the earthy pigments of natural paint or see yourself belting out songs in a jolly choir? Fortunately, there are people out there who’ve been on this journey before us and their blueprints can illuminate our path. Learning new skills is never easy but we should remember that every expert was once a beginner and the satisfaction of being able to say ‘Thanks, I made it myself’ is a phrase that never dulls. Spring is the spark, seize the moment.

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