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The Simple Things Issue 142 April

Homespun charity supper. Exploring lost British rainforests. Whatever-the-weather outings. Lamington loaf & Gorse flower cocktail. Bluebells. Potting sheds & follies. Why we love tadpoles. Life on a narrowboat. How to run a bookshop. Wild garlic popping candy. Merry-go-round art. Keeping an open mind. Chickpea magic & nettle rarebitIt’s fair to say we’re obsessed with the weather in this country; be it good, bad or middling, we chat about it, predict it and hope it will change (or not). That longed-for sweet spot on the barometer of ‘fair weather’ is a pretty accurate forecast of where we’d like our state of mind to be, too. And spring moves the needle (especially this year, after one of the wettest, gloomiest winters on record). We embrace bright colours, enjoy the fun of the fair or follow our dreams – running a bookshop, visiting Paris in the spring, living on a narrowboat. A positive attitude and being fair-minded can help overcome any amount of stormy weather. April showers are to be expected but rain should never stop play and it can be fun in itself; a weekend in the glorious Lake District (England’s wettest place) or discovering the rare and wondrous Atlantic rainforests of our western seaboard. If you really can’t cope with any more downpours then drizzle a cake instead, hide away in a potting shed or create a self-run retreat at home. Fair play.

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