The Simple Things

The Simple Things Issue 144 June

DABBLE – Chips & dips by the sea. Keepsake cakes. Seeking glimmers. Sunshine printing & sun-scoop gardening. Rose-tinted days out. Grasshoppers. Korean punch. Cherry gazpacho. Hidden cabins & campervan weekends. Fictitious picnics. Punting & paddling. The nectar of keeping bees. Nose-to-tail herbs. The language of cats.

Is there a month more persuasive than June? It tempts us to abandon chores and leave work unfinished; to escape into an afternoon of sunshine or a warm evening of magic. This is no time to commit to an irksome project or deal with tiresome problems. Instead, cut yourself some slack and give yourself permission to dabble in things you love; be it picnics or punting, baking cakes or cutting flowers. When days are rose-tinted and sun-kissed, the world seems a better place if we allow ourselves to be distracted, to take detours and meander our way through midsummer. Simple pleasures are easy to find – lie in a meadow and listen to grasshoppers, seek out water for a paddle and follow the tune of the ice cream van.

Maybe, though, we could also spare a thought for the seasons to come; there are herbs to pick and preserve, enjoy roses then plant another for next year, record hand-me-down recipes in a notebook. Midsummer is the half-way house of our year and possibilities abound.

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