The Simple Things

The Simple Things Issue 145 July

TIDE – Made-up maps and treasure islands. Foraged flowers. A stroll on the prom. Rose & Chia sherbati. Embracing ebb & flow. Fruity fridge jam. Sharing joie de vivre. Rock pools & seal pups. Cherry Bruschetta. Why we love a cossie. Sea glass trinkets. How to speak buoy. Red herrings & other puzzles. High summer Hebrides. Deckchair dreaming.

Imagine that life really is a beach; full of fun and sunshine, a happy place of pleasure, leisure and relaxation. Yet it’s also a scene of ebb and flow where each day (twice a day, actually) is a clean slate, as the tide washes away the evidence of what came before. Is there a more poignant example of how to let things go, live in the moment and start each morning afresh? To enjoy a slow summer, we can do worse than follow the ocean’s rhythm but let’s not forget to stop and search for treasure or notice beautiful things that are left behind. There are gems of sea glass on the tideline and subtle flowers among the meadow grasses that deserve their moment in the sun. Artists and makers have long been inspired by the islands, the sea and shore and we can be too. We don’t always need to set sail to navigate somewhere new.

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