The Slow Press

The Slow Press. Vol. 6

The Slow Press is an independent food magazine from Singapore, "fixated on the rich stories behind what we eat."

The Slow Press Vol. 6: BEST BEFORE features 9 rich food stories centered around time and change.

Time waits for no fruit, grain, or bread—it isn't always easy to divine an expiration date without the aid of supermarket tags. And yet, when it comes to what we eat, waiting can be either a fruitful endeavour (producing delicious sake) or an unwise choice (inviting mold onto your bread).

Mediate on and explore these tensions faced in our relationships between food and time with us as you read about: preserving familial relationships with salt, frustratingly slow changes in food quality for migrant workers, secret rice saving societies, fruit ripening, canned food, and more!

With the cover of The Slow Press Vol 6: Best Before, we're taking you back to the era of still-life jello arrangements.

A puffy sticker featuring a layered agar jelly lovingly made by the TSP team stands at the centerpiece, but with enough space to leave a canvas for creativity. Each copy features a unique arrangement of expiry date stickers hand-sticked by the team and comes with a puffy sticker pack featuring food from the stories inside - a packet of salt, ripe bananas, a chilli padi flower—inviting readers to put a personal spin on the theme of 'best before'.

About The Slow Press Vol. 6: Best Before

Self-published and printed in Singapore, December 2023

Offset print, with 10 puffy stickers included

Size and pages: A5 (148 x 210mm), 112 pages