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The Wire Issue 451

Adventures in Sound and Music.  Founded in 1982, The Wire is the world's leading print and online music magazine celebrating the most visionary and inspiring, subversive and radical musicians on the planet, past and present.

The Wire 451
September 2021

Features on Grouper, Pat Thomas, Mikoláš Chadima & the Czech alternativa scene, Machine learning & music: from AI to Dadabots, Nicolas Collins, Hiro Kone, and René Lussier.

In the regular sections: Invisible Jukebox: Surgeon × DJ Bus Replacement Service, Inner Sleeve: Gerald V Casale, Epiphanies: Moritz von Oswald, Unlimited Editions: Cruel Nature, and Unofficial Channels: Riverssounds.

Plus 36 pages of reviews including Space Afrika, Matt Mitchell & Kate Gentile, Michael Mantler, John Tchicai, The Beach Boys, Neil Luck & Jennifer Walshe, Chinabot, theorising drill, trap and bashment, and more.

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