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The Wire Issue 453 + The Wire Tapper 57 CD

Adventures in Sound and Music.  Founded in 1982, The Wire is the world's leading print and online music magazine celebrating the most visionary and inspiring, subversive and radical musicians on the planet, past and present.

The Wire 453 November 2021 + The Wire Tapper 57 CD

In the magazine: Klein, Black Dice, Horace Tapscott, Invisible Jukebox: Alan x Sir Richard Bishop, Epiphanies: Youth, Inner Sleeve: Midori Takada, Tara Clerkin Trio, L’Rain, Mazaher, Magda Mayas, Thollem, Jhelisa, John Coltrane, Barbara Ess, Jandek, Mary Halvorson, mixtapes, hacking, horror, heaviness, and more.

On the CD: 16 new tracks by Ben LaMar Gay, Damo Suzuki & Spiritczualic Enhancement Center, RAIC, Bendik Giske, Kondi Band, and more.

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