Trebuchet 12: Realities

Trebuchet is a biannual contemporary art magazine which dives deep into artists and their work to explain why it's good, rather than just tell you that it is. 

Art is a language to express what the artist feels or believes is true. Issue 12 of Trebuchet explores the ways artists convey the reality of their work to the viewer. How do they make it real?

Features include:

Tavares Strachan: Institutions, Language And Realities
Nazir Tanbouli: Dream Symbols
Mark Tansey: Reality Bleeds: When Is A Painting Not A Painting?
Nathalie Djurberg & Hans Berg: Horny, Hybrid Animals: Avatars Of Pleasure, Signifiers Of Something
Brad Evans: Conflicting Interests
Damien Hirst: Fantasies of Eternity

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