Vegan Food & Living

Vegan Food & Living March 2020

Have pizza, pasta and risotto always been up there on your comfort food favourites, but you’ve never found vegan versions that quite compare? You’re in for a real treat with the March issue of Vegan Food & Living, which is packed with recipes such as squash and pearl barley risotto, classic carbonara, mushroom and spinach calzone, and our stunning cover star, pizza rolls filled with Bolognese.

Also this issue, we cook up a Japanese feast with Masterchef winner Tim Anderson and help you to cook the perfect Sunday lunch, complete with recipes for lentil Wellington, cauliflower cheese and Yorkshire puddings!

If that’s not enough, we explore how environmentally friendly faux fur is, show you how to make your house more eco aware and sustainable, and share ways to take your veganism beyond your plate for anyone who took part in Veganuary this year.

For those interested in nutrition, you can brush up on the health benefits of seeds, discover why we need minerals and which ones we should focus on, plus whip up some tasty gut-healing kvass recipes. Get all this and much more in the March issue of Vegan Food & Living.