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Walnut Issue 5

The spring/summer issue of Walnut, number 5 is here. In line with seasonal energy, you’ll find vibrant recipes that will make you want to get into the kitchen, including colourful Mediterranean dishes straight from Ibiza; plus easy, healthy and totally delicious family food, brought to you from Little Green Kitchen, the brand new book from our favourite food blog, Green Kitchen Stories.

Our columnist Prune Harris talks to us specifically about seasonal energy, and how to make the most of the powerful energy as nature reawakens. Herbalist Sara Weyland encourages us to take a fresh look at the common herb, rosemary, sharing wisdom about its hidden depths, surprising health benefits and more.

You can also sink your teeth into our latest crop of informative health articles, and in this issue we focus on mental health problems, including Kate Garden’s fascinating insight into the root causes of depression, something that is becoming increasingly common in our society today, especially amongst young people. Kate takes us through some often-overlooked areas of health that many don’t realise are connected to depression, but need to be addressed in order to restore emotional balance and wellbeing.

And finally, we had a wonderful time talking to the truly inspirational Felicity Warner, founder of Soul Midwives. Felicity shares her passion and wisdom about end of life care, and why she is determined to help normalise death and bring it back into the community, so that for more of us, the end of a life can be as meaningful and wonderful as the beginning.