Weird Walk

Weird Walk Issue 7

"A journal of wanderings and wonderings from the British Isles," Weird Walk is a beautifully made 48 page zine that walks ancient paths, explores folklore and the people keeping it alive to bring back a sense of optimism and enchantment.

Issue 7

"Taking inspiration from the woodland, author Nadia Attia explores the folklore surrounding some of Britain’s iconic tree species, while leafy associations abound as we reflect upon the Hastings Jack in the Green festival, and the suitably named Verdant Wisdom collective walk us through a rural take on dungeon synth music. Elsewhere two mavens of weird walking, Alice Lowe and Benjamin Myers, lead separate quests in two very different locations, each filled with magick and memory.

And if trees can emotionally connect us to the landscape, then so can the old stone monuments that so entrance us; in this issue, we explore phenomenological approaches to ancient sites (and, also, cheese)."

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