Where The Leaves Fall

Where The Leaves Fall Issue 8

Where The Leaves Fall is a quarterly mag exploring humankind's connection with nature. Published in partnership with OmVed Gardens, WTLF examines issues around our place in nature, and tackles them with contributions from the arts, science, conservation and academia.

Every issue is divided into three different themes. In issue 8:

Justice and the Environment

- Dust, rain and war - a look at a Syrian refugee camp without running water or sewerage
- COP26: Environmental changemakers share their views on what needs to be done for COP26

Perceptions of Deep Time

- Naturalists of the Long Now - a collaboration of art and science to highlight the huge time spans of natural changes to our landscapes
- A paleontologist talks human extinction events throughout history and what we can learn

A Time to Recover

- UN assistant secretary general, Elizabeth Mrema discusses why the future must be built in harmony with nature
-Indigenous rights and environmental disaster in Brazil

In the final Dialogues section: the colonial life of plants, bringing up children in climate chaos and Native American folklore.