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Wild Alchemy Lab

Wild Alchemy Journal - FIRE Edition

Wild Alchemy is a multi-sensory journal about nature, science and esoterica at the intersection of plants, planets and people. Each issue explores a classic element through art, text, sounds and smells. 

From the publisher: The classical elements of earth, fire, water, air and aether provide a lens through which to investigate how both we place ourselves, and are placed, within our environment. These fundamental forces exist in the physical and non-physical worlds; the seen and unseen. In becoming apprentices to the wild and integrating the ancient wisdom and practices of our ancestors, we look towards our past in order to guide our future.

This is our FIRE edition, the second in our series navigating the elements. Ignited by the transformational power of the mythical Phoenix, we’ve collected over 40 contributions of art, text, sound and smell across 72 pages and five continents from artists and academics, musicians and makers, scientists and researchers, therapists and occult practitioners, wildlings and writers.

This issue is augmented with audiovisual content which can be found on the Wild Alchemy Lab website.

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