Wunderdog Issue 2

Wunderdog Magazine® issue 2 includes heartfelt stories from around the world, featuring gorgeous rescue dogs, dedicated communities and practical advice for dog lovers.

This issue is also notable for the many inspiring women who are changing the world for rescue dogs everywhere.

These are just some of the highlights from issue 2:

  • Photographer and animal rights campaigner Wendy Nesbitt reports on the tight-knit community of dog lovers in western Canada that rescued sled dogsfollowing the horrific cull in Whistler almost 10 years ago. Wendy has been following and photographing “sleddies” for many years now, and her account is an inspiration for people everywhere to facilitate positive change following traumatic events. Our cover staris 15-year-old sled dog ChiChi, who survived the cull and is today known as the “happiest dog in the world”. A true Wunderdog.
  • We show you a blueprint of the sensory gardenbuilt by the Scottish SPCA, which allows kennel dogs to acquaint themselves with the outside world and be best prepared for finding a forever home.
  • We venture to Costa Ricato hear from former DJ agent Tania Cappelluti on why she gave up her successful career in Berlin to set up a dog sanctuary.
  • Our conversation with artist Freya Pocklingtonabout her fascinating work at the intersection of self-portraiture, health and dogs makes for a thought-provoking piece. Freya has been struggling with poor health for more than a decade, but she felt doctors didn’t listen to her. She finally began to tell her experience in self-portraits and found allies in her dogs.
  • We also report on Romania's Prison Dog Programme, a compassionate model where street dogs are trained by inmates in a successful partnership. The warden who came up with the idea is Cristina Teoroc – just one of the many amazing women in this issue.
  • The owner of puppy-mill survivor Pops, Charlie Osman, tells of her little dachshund’s recovery from bag of bones to fashion icon and therapy dog.
  • We travel to Skiary, the UK’s most remote guesthouse, for a digital detox and major adventure for our dogs.
  • We bring you the score (literally - sheet music included!!) of Teddy, the lost dog – a Musical. When Bermuda-based Beverly Sgobba got involved in the US dog-rescue scene, two of the dogs she saved ended up on her island. One disappeared. Seven months of madness followed. The story was good enough to be turned into a musical!

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