Wyrd Science

Wyrd Science #3

Wyrd Science is a beautifully produced quarterly magazine about the culture, history and social issues of role playing games, wargames and board games. 
Inside they meet designers, writers and artists to dig into the history of gaming and the games of today. Plus they review what they're playing and " write about how awesome dragons, sentient jellies, space wizards and stuff like that is."

Highlights from this issue: 

Shannon Appelcline takes you on a tour of the near 50 year history of horror role playing games "from the sword & sorcery books that inspired D&D, through to the dark days of the satanic panic, the vampire obsessed 1990s and onto today." Plus the gothic literature that inspired the Dungeons and Dragons' setting Ravenloft and they look at how attitudes to mental health have changed in tabletop games over the years.

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