Wyrd Science

Wyrd Science #5

Wyrd Science is a beautifully produced quarterly magazine about the culture, history and social issues of role playing games, wargames and board games. 
Inside they meet designers, writers and artists to dig into the history of gaming and the games of today. Plus they review what they're playing and " write about how awesome dragons, sentient jellies, space wizards and stuff like that is."

Highlights from this issue: 

"Shannon Appelcline looks at the history of dark, dystopian settings we seem to love spending so much time in...
Vintage RPG's Stu Horvath dips into his new book looking at the past 50 years of roleplaying games...to highlight 5 titles that have shaped the industry's development...
Dan Thurot looks at politics in board games and speaks to game designers Amabel Holland, Taylor Shuss and Tory Brown to see how they've intertwined the two."

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