Yolo Journal

Yolo Journal 15

Made in the US, Yolo Journal is a collection of travel stories from around the world. It doesn't aim to be a comprehensive guide to each destination but a place for travel inspiration, without ads or distractions. 

Issue 15 Spring 2024

Our Spring 2024 issue encompasses two drivers of travel: the search for the familiar and the foreign. Familiar in what’s revealed in return visits—a grandfather’s birthplace in Tyrol, the artisan culture of Santa Fe, the contrasts of Cape Town, the coziness of the Faroe Islands. There’s the familiarity of staying in an actual home: a masseria in Puglia or historic haciendas in Mérida. But we also fly way out to the Galapagos Islands, Namibia’s Skeleton Coast, and Lord Howe Island, Australia, whose primordial landscapes offer a thrilling sense of discovery.

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