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A quick tour through the mags that dropped through the letterboxes of our Free Range subscribers in January.

We've got four different subscription streams and we send out a different mag to subscribers every two months with tasting notes to tell them all about the mag. 

We only send out mags that we love to read, that delight, inspire, move or challenge (and that look pretty good too), so you can guarantee a blooming good read below.


The Big Adventure


Snowy scene on the cover of Lost Issue 9

With its exposed binding and thick matte paper, LOST is one of the most tactile mags on our shelves, and we were over the moon to be able to send it to our Big Adventure subscribers in January.  LOST is created by Nelson Ng. Originally from Singapore and now based in Shanghai, Nelson came up with the idea for the mag while on a 48 hour ferry ride from Shanghai to Japan with nothing to do but stare at the ocean. What follows is a mag where the inner journey is as important as the physical one and inside issue 9, you'll find wonder and disappointment on a friends' trip to Mont Fuji, chance encounters with strangers in Rome, the joy in the tedious on a road trip through the Balkans and musings from a 5,000 km trip to get over a loss. 

We've got a few copies of issues 8 and 9 in the shop. Highly recommended!

Get LOST here.


The Good Life


Gordon Ramsey on the cover of Sandwich magazine

Sandwich magazine is always good fun. Each issue takes a sandwich and deconstructs it, using the elements to discuss cultural and social issues. The Ice Cream Sandwich issue for example dove into the biological reasons that we love the dairy delight and gave a brief history of the ice cream van and the BLT issue explored the Tomatino Festival and discussed the future of lettuce.

This issue was The Chef's Special with none other than Gordon Ramsey taking over as guest editor. Inside, there's a brilliant interview with the man himself, top chef recipes for their favourite sandwich and an interview with a Philadelphia 'hoagie' shop on their ethos of regenerative agriculture and social responsibility.  We also loved the piece on the restaurant chef turned North London school lunchman and how much he enjoys this totally new world of cooking. 

Get The Chef's Special issue

The Totally Free Range 

Little White Lies

Illustrated Emma Stone in Poor Things movie on cover of Little White Lies Magazine

Little White Lies was one of the pioneers of the indie mag renaissance and has been going for almost 20 years! Key to its success is its simple formula - a deep dive into one new feature film, a reviews and interviews section at the back, with the whole thing fully and beautifully illustrated in the style of their chosen movie. 

What luck for Free Range that the film featured this issue was Poor Things (which we think is the best thing since Pastel de Nata). In the first section, there's an amazing interview with the production team about how they created the visual worlds in the film and they chat to the director and give a brill potted history of Emma Stone. 

The reviews section is also a highly enjoyable read. Honest but never snarky and they have their own clever rating system too. They cover both major and indie films and we always end up with an exciting list of 'want-to-watch' films.

Get this issue here.

Browse back issues of Little White Lies, including the special 100th anniversary edition here. 

The Creative Spark

Artists Responding To

Cover of Artists Responding To magazine - Issue 9

Created by fine artist, Polly Bates, Artists Responding To brings together contemporary art from sculpture to photography with a political, social or environmental message. In issue 9, they feature Anthony Gormley's 'Body Politic' sculpture exhibition, Erin Holly who paints architectural spaces in a commentary on accessibility and inclusivity, and Huilin Gui's joyful paintings recapturing memories of her youth. Youthful and passionate, A.R.T is thought-provoking, ignites debate and also fosters a lovely sense of community for aspiring artists. 

Get the issue here.

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