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Here at Pics & Ink, we like to find out a bit about the makers of the magazines on our shelves. The lovely Craig Rix, publisher and editor of Travel Africa sat down to answer our quick fire questions so have a read and find out what makes the man behind the mag tick, and then have a read of our review of Travel Africa!


Thanks Craig! So, what's your perfect Sunday?

My perfect Sunday would involve spending the day in the bush somewhere in Africa, which is tricky since we live in Oxfordshire… but my happiest Sundays involve a late, lazy cooked breakfast, a long walk somewhere in nature, idle pottering about the house or garden, some downtime flicking through magazines and having a relaxed dinner with our girls.

Sounds like a pretty nice substitute. Ok, if we can be serious for a sec...If you were a dog breed, which would you be?

‘They’ say people are like their dogs, and we have a dalmatian, which is beautiful, quiet and gentle. So, I’m really not sure about that. I’m probably more of an overweight elderly mongrel, a bit dishevelled and grumpy!

Haha. Who would be at your fantasy dinner party?

There are many people I have met or heard about through my work, who are hugely inspiring– ‘ordinary’, unassuming people doing extraordinary things in their own communities across Africa: travel writers and storytellers, conservationists, rangers, teachers, mothers, young men... They may not be famous, but they are incredibly inspiring, with fascinating stories and perspectives usually born from hardship and hope. Gathering a handful of these people in a room would fill my soul so much more than any famous people I would find too intimidating.

Oh nice. Ok what's worth fighting for?

The environment. Wildlife. Each other. Kindness. Humility.

What should everyone try once?

Waking up on safari somewhere in the depths of an African national park.

If you had a time machine, when and where would you go?

To when I was about 10 years old, playing in the garden in my childhood home in Zimbabwe. Happy, blissful, innocent days without a care in the world and nothing but dreams in my head.

What’s always on your mind?

Am I getting this right?

What’s your favourite smell?

The smell of the rain on thirsty parched earth in Africa.

And, finally, what three things would you want on a desert island?

My Springsteen music collection. Trainers. My grandparents’ memoirs.

Thank you Craig!

A bit more about Travel Africa:

In each issue of Travel Africa, there's a section devoted to the 'Africa Bug,' with stories of why people love the continent and go back there again and again. This passion for Africa runs through the entire magazine. It's contagious. And they want to inspire you to go see for yourself! As such, Travel Africa reminds me of a more traditional travel mag with lots of travel ideas and advice, but there are also essays on the nature of travel, travel writing and photography, features on people, organisations and national parks, and for Attenborough acolytes, there's lots on wildlife, conservation and sustainable tourism.

In the editor's letter in issue 94, Craig says, 'I've always felt that turning the pages of a magazine opens doors in a way that might not happen when searching for something online.' Couldn't agree more. I went to Malawi in 2016, and flicking through the pages of Travel Africa took me right back to big skies, red earth, protective mother elephants and semi-submerged hippos. If you're looking for inspiration for a new adventure or want to reignite memories of past ones, issues 90-94 of Travel Africa are available in the shop!

 Travel Africa Issue 94  Travel Africa Issue 93  Travel Africa Issue 92  Travel Africa Issue 91  Travel Africa Issue 90

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October 05, 2023

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