The Colourist - Mag Review

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We’ve all heard of Annie Sloan’s chalk paint - but don’t worry if ‘shabby chic’ and ‘painted pine’ isn’t your thing, The Colourist will definitely have something to excite, inspire and have you reaching for the colour cards. 

Each issue gives you a house tour of artists, eccentrics, designers and creatives who aren’t afraid to colour outside the lines when it comes to their homes. 

A few of my personal highlights from The Colourist Issue 1 include a peek into the famous Charleston farmhouse - country retreat of the Bloomsbury Group. I don’t know if you’d expect anything else from a group of artists in the early 20th century but it is a feast for the eyes.

However, I think my favourite issue has to be Issue 3 - I love delving into the home of English eccentric Adam Calkin - With his painted wooden floors and muraled walls - it’s hard to believe you’re in Somerset and not the south of France or rural Belgium. 

We can look back at the life and iconic mid century textile designs of Lucienne Day, hailing from Croydon, just a stone’s throw from our Pics & Ink HQ. Her love for textiles was cemented at Croydon College of Art before she progressed to The Royal College of Art. Decades later her designs are still as fresh as ever and inspiring generations of artists and designers.

Each issue of The Colourist includes a colour story with hue and pigment histories such as Lapis Lazuli… made from crushed semi precious jewels and used widely in sacred places in western civilizations it is the iconic blue of the Madonna’s robes. 

There are also ‘how-to’s’ and stencils if you fancy giving a tired piece of furniture a lick of paint and a new lease of life. 

Have a flick through each issue here and see which bright and bold issue catches your eye. 

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