Tate Etc.

Tate Etc. Issue 54

The latest issue of the Tate Gallery's own magazine. Carefully curated to show the best of contemporary and historical arts from the Tate galleries across the UK.


The Spring 2022 issue leads with a look at Surrealism beyond Dali which ties into the exhibition Surrealism Beyond Borders at the Tate Modern. 

Elsewhere we see a collection of photographs from Liz Johnson, documenting the 2020 Black Lives Matter demonstrations in London; Hew Locke explores the depiction of migration and movement in art; six contemporary painters consider what the work of Walter Sickert means to them; and the director and curator of Tate Liverpool talk about their connection to the city and its art.

Whether you are planning on an actual visit to one of the Tate galleries or you'd like an armchair tour - Tate etc is the place to start.