Tate Etc.

Tate Etc. Issue 55

The latest issue of the Tate Gallery's own magazine. Carefully curated to show the best of contemporary and historical arts from the Tate galleries across the UK.

The Summer 2022 issue:

Cornelia Parker and her exhibition at the Tate Britain -  ‘revisualising the world, creating images that disturb and startle, that fill the air around them with what has been newly imagined’.

David Hockney's natural inspiration.

The Power of Play - the immersive and playful art of Argentinian Ad Minoliti.

Radical Landscape - the history of the British countryside as a place of 'artistic rebellion'

Complicity - Jay Bernard reflects on a complicated relationship with London as they walk from Henry Tate's mausoleum in South London to Mayor Henry Tulse's tomb in the city.