Tate Etc.

Tate Etc. Issue 58

The latest issue of the Tate Gallery's own magazine. Carefully curated to show the best of contemporary and historical arts from the Tate galleries across the UK.

The Summer 2023 issue features photo-performance artist, Pushpamala N., iconic UK artist, Isaac Julien and a new Rossetti exhibition at the Tate Britain. Tate St Ives explores the artists who revolutionised an art school in Casablanca and the Tate Modern celebrates the varied landscape of African contemporary photography. 

There's also a special feature in this issue! To celebrate a big 'rehang' this summer of the Tate Britain's permanent collection, 27 people - artists, writers, creatives and thinkers each take one artwork and share their perspective on it. Covering everyone from Francis Bacon and JMW Turner to Damien Hirst and Derek Jarman, it's a fantastic opportunity to get a deeper understanding of the works on display. 

The cover shows Rene Matić, the youngest artist in the Tate Britain's permanent collection, on a wander around the gallery. 

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