10 of the best independent travel magazines

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It's holiday season but if you don't have grand plans, fear not, as you can jet off to pretty much anywhere through the magic of print. Choose your own adventure with our definitive guide to the best indie travel magazines in 2024.
  1. Tonic Travel like Ernest Hemingway


'A heady cocktail of drink, travel and adventure,' Tonic travels the world uncovering the history and culture behind what we drink. Eclectic, well-researched and full of facts you never knew, you'll find long-form stories that take you round the globe and back in time. Issue 6 is in the shop now. And you can find (almost) all issues here


  1. Yolo Personal stories for travel inspiration...

While the name of this mag may remind you of an passé social media hashtag, this isn't reflective of what inside! Yolo is about timeless, personal experiences and emotive storytelling about place. We particularly enjoyed their most recent issue (16) devoted entirely to Spain. They avoid major tourist hotspots and instead visit small villages with local festivals, architecturally stunning towns and tucked away beaches. You can find our collection of Yolo issues here.


  1. FARE For a sensory experience...

Each issue of Fare takes you to a different city. For Fare, the way to really know a city is through its food, so they'll take you to street vendors, markets, traditional eateries and high-end restaurants to get a real flavour.  Along the way, they'll touch on other landmarks, cultural hotspots and local artisans and makers and they blend stories, interviews, local folklore and more to give you a real immersion into each place. Browse cities from Tbilisi to Glasgow to Kyoto here


  1. JRNY For classic travel with an indie twist...

JNRY was started by two travel photographers so expect some stunning photography. A map at the front shows you where they're travelling to and there tends to be a nice mix of the once-in-a lifetime Galápagos style travel, adventurous trips and closer to home breaks. Some photo stories, mixed with travel journalism, the 'need to know' info pages are a nice nod back to travel mags of yore like Lonely Planet. Great if you love planning fantasy adventures.  Browse our collection of issues here


  1. Fields & Stations For writing on the nature of travel

On the other end of the spectrum is Fields & Stations. Just over A5 size, the focus is on writing over pictures and it combines travel stories with musings on the nature of travel itself. It's not necessarily a showcase of places you might want to go, but more about the journeys taken. In issue 7 you'll find road trips through Pakistan, the West African coast and Southern Australia.  You can find our collection of Fields & Stations here (including some early editions for just £5).


  1. Lodestars Anthology For slow travel, one country at a time

Lodestars Anthology is both a gorgeous object for your coffee table and 'a scrapbook of place,' focusing on one country per issue and uncovering its quirks, flavours, landscapes, crafts and traditions. Stunning photography and beautiful illustration, there's a huge breadth in each issue, covering hiking and nature, reflections on history or architecture or digging into local textiles. Browse issues from Spain to Mexico here


  1. LOST For the journey...

With its exposed binding and textured matte paper, LOST is one of the most tactile mags on our shelves (and one of the chunkiest). For LOST, the inner journey is as important as the physical one and inside each issue, you’ll find a collection of journeys all told in their own style, from finding the joy in the tedious on a road trip through the Balkans to musings from a 5,000km trip to get over a loss. Browse our collection of LOST issues here.


  1. Fieldfare For a sense of place...

Less about travel, more about a sense of place – what makes a place special and inspires a sense of community or belonging? You’ll find places that are far away and familiar. There’s a focus on personal stories and local crafts and artisans. Slow journalism and stunning, captivating visuals, you can find our collection here.


  1. Run Wild For the love of travel

Run Wild doesn’t stick to one formula. For issue six, all the features wove together to a make one epic trip on a £3,000 budget, their pandemic issue came with brass buttons and essays on the future of travel and the psychological benefits of awe. The thing that ties it all together is the maker’s deep love of travel and sense of wonder at the world. We’ve got a few copies of issue 7, where you’ll find a mix of great travel writing (to Jordan, Malta, Sicily…) as well as an awesome feature on rooting out old Edwardian travel books. Find issue 7 here.


  1. Command + i For travel in colour...

And finally, there’s nothing quite like Command+i. Part travel mag, part design mag, Command+i is ‘a travel guide to colour,’ exploring landscapes, cityscapes and local culture through a series of incredible shots and picking out a colour palette in each image. It will have you looking at the world differently, through a more colourful lens. They also use a lithographic printing method to create a seriously luxury feel to the pages. Find their Scotland and Italy issues here.


Browse all these and more in our travel collection and set off without leaving the house...




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