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Period. is a zine from Sweden that ‘unapologetically focuses on contemporary female narratives’ because ‘being a girl is ****ing cool.’ It’s been going for almost 10 years now and is the print-child of Lena Modigh. For each issue, Lena chooses a theme and contributors respond to it however they like, sometimes poetry, sometimes song lyrics, stories and plenty of photography.

The photography inside is youthful, dreamy and evocative, sometimes capturing a wide open landscape, sometimes the drizzly reflection from a car window, sometimes snapshots of something taboo.  It’s fun to see where each theme takes you and to interpret each photo in your own way.  There’s a strong collaborative spirit too, with snippets from emails between Lena and the team often featured within.

We asked Lena a couple of questions to find out a bit more about the mag.

Hi Lena! Can you tell us a little about you and your lovely team?

It’s only me! Sounds a bit sad, but I have great people around me. I get a lot of feedback and ideas from Kate Monro, writer, who lives in London. We have never met physically, but I feel like she’s been a friend for a long time. She’s been part of Period. almost since the start and we were introduced by a mutual friend, Matt Ryalls, who I started a magazine called Animae with.  We did three issues of Animae and finished with featuring never-before published images by photographer Steven Meisel. I wanted to continue making magazines, and Matt promised to help me out with art direction, so I started Period.about 10 years ago, maybe nine :). After 7 issues, from the Lost issue, I started working with Julia Knyphausen, who is now the art director of Period. I’m still really good friends with Matt, and we have some book projects coming up.  

10 years is impressive. How did it all come about? What inspired you to make it?

I lived in London in the late nineties and early/mid 2000, and all my magazine references come from that time. I worked as a photography assistant to John Akehurst, who shot for The Face, Dazed & Confused, POP, Nova, Selfservice, etc. It was super exciting. It felt raw, forgiving and inspiring. I was introduced to a whole new world. 

How would you describe Period. to people who haven’t come across it before?

Since I’m a photographer, the photography and the print is really important to me. Every issue has a theme, and all the contributors interpret the themes freely. I don’t intervene. Also, the contributors are female, but it’s not just for women, I think anyone can relate to the themes. There are also written content and interviews interpreting the theme. 

Who do you think would enjoy Period.?

I think anyone who likes photography, but who are also curious about things that they don’t usually see or read. It’s like a diary. A quiet commentary on the society, but not necessarily radical. Thought provoking and inspiring if you let it be.  

Oh ‘a quiet commentary on society’ is a great description of it. Do you look for anything in particular in submissions to the magazine?

Anything really. Something that touches you. 

What other indie magazines do you like to read? 

Maybe I don’t necessarily read them but find them inspiring… Re-edition, Buffalo zine, Apartamento, Butt magazine, Holiday magazine, Kennedy magazine etc.

Finally, we ask everyone this - why make a print mag today?

It’s really wonderful to hold something printed in your hands. You can put it down and pick it up again and again. It’s also really nice when it gets a bit worn. Or you can take the pages out and put them up on your walls or cut and paste new things. Anything is possible.  


Too right. If you'd like to try some 'quiet social commentary,' with reflections on youth, experience, friendship, journeys and more, we’ve got copies of Issue 7: Lost, Issue 8: Favourite and Issue 9: Road Trip. PLUS, you can PRE ORDER Issue 10: Daydream here!  

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