Free Range Mags May 2024

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A quick tour through the mags that dropped through the letterboxes of our Free Range subscribers in May.

We've got four different subscription streams and we send out a different mag to subscribers every two months with tasting notes to tell them all about the mag. 

We only send out mags that we love to read, that delight, inspire, move or challenge (and that look pretty good too), so you can guarantee a blooming good read below.


Anthology Volume 21


In brief: A modern twist on a classic lifestyle magazine with a focus on arts, culture and travel. Elegant design and stunning photography ‘because beautiful things belong in print.’

Why we chose it: We chose Anthology for its interest in slow travel off the beaten path, heritage crafts and culture and its eclectic mix of features on everything from Japanese avant-garde fashion to environmental conservation.

Try it: Find Anthology Vol 21 here.



ArtReview May 2024


In brief: Championing, dissecting and debating art since 1949, ArtReview is your guide into the art world and how it shapes, inspires and interacts with wider culture.

Why we chose it: For its incredible history – it’s been a companion to the art world for over 75 years. For its mission to make contemporary art ‘bigger’ and more accessible and for the brilliant and in-depth features that get to the heart of the artists’ work and why they do it. 

Try it: Find the ArtReview May 2024 issue here.



Weird Walk Issue 7


In brief: ‘A journal of wanderings and wondering from the British Isles,’ Weird Walk invites you to rediscover our landscapes through the lens of their folklore, customs and traditions.

Why we chose it: Adventure and exploration take many forms. This time we thought we’d share a mag that’s slightly closer to home, travelling along ancient roads to take you back in time as well as out and about and that will hopefully inspire a deeper appreciation for these Isles of ours.

Try it: Find Weird Walk Issue 7 here.



Trebuchet Issue 15


In brief: A contemporary art magazine that explores why art is good rather than just telling you what you should like. Beautifully designed and with academic insight, because ‘smart fun creates joy.’

Why we chose it:We shared Trebuchet Issue 13 with our Creative Spark subscribers last year and we thought it deserved a place on the TFR stream as well. Each issue features several artists that work within the theme of the issue. In issue 15, the theme is ‘installation art’ and we love how they explain the artists’ processes and philosophy along the way to give a deeper appreciation of their work.

Try it: Browse our collection of Trebuchet issues from Surrealism to Photography here.


If you fancy a journey through some of the best indie mags out there, you can find out more, choose your stream and get started at

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